Renato Rodrigues

iOS Engineer


Renato Rodrigues

Porto, Portugal

Hello! I'm a Software Engineer. I am a 29 year old full-time iOS Developer currently based in Porto in Portugal.

I do love to step out of my comfort zone and new challenges are always welcome.

I love crafting authentic and complex pieces of software. Good enough does not make part of my vocabulary. Instead, I always strive for excellence.


My professional journey.


  1. iOS Developer



  2. iOS Developer



    Development of multiple applications, from a flight booking app, through a sportsbook, to a groceries app, always using agile methodologies and Scrum.

    Worked on different cross-functional teams, always following good practices such as software code reviews, pair programming, unit testing, and UI automation.

    Xcode 8 iOS 8-10 Objective-C Swift Core Data

  3. iOS Developer



    Development of an application from scratch for iPhone in an agile, fast-paced team. Used several optimization techniques to ensure a smooth user experience in an application with a very complex and heavy UI.

    Xcode 7 iOS 8-9 Swift PromiseKit Unit Testing (Quick/Nimble) Continuous Delivery (Fastlane)

  4. iOS Developer & Build Master



    Development of a native iOS application (for iPhone and iPad) with more than 60 000 active users in an organised environment with cross-functional teams using agile methodologies and Scrum. In order to guarantee the quality and performance of the application and ensure the creation of robust code, techniques such as software code reviews, pair programming, unit testing and UI automation were part of the software delivery routine.

    Also responsible for implementing processes and tools to manage releases more efficiently in an Agile environment. Implemented a Continuous Delivery environment through the creation of an automated deployment pipeline for two iOS native applications that comprehended the entire process between getting the code from the version control and deploying the final application to the AppStore.

    Xcode 6 iOS 7-8 Unit Testing (Kiwi) UI Automation (Calabash) Continuous Delivery Jenkins

  5. Intern



    Internship in the scope of my M.Sc. thesis which encompassed two goals: first, the implementation and optimization of a continuous integration solution across the company's iOS cross-functional teams, and, second, the design and implementation of a full system of automation testing that could be used to run UI automated tests across multiple physical mobile devices.

    Researched and developed a robust Continuous Integration pipeline with multiple stages like unit testing, static analysis and ad-hoc distribution. Also implemented a process of automated acceptance tests being executed in physical devices. Automation and feedback were key concepts to reach a successful CI strategy.

    Xcode Instruments UI Automation (Calabash) Continuous Integration Jenkins xctools


  1. Master of Science in Informatics and Computing Engineering

    Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto



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